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Featuring 140 pages of short stories, flash fiction and poetry encompassing multiple horror genres. Photography by author/artist Thomas Sawyer, plus an interview with author Craig McGray which includes an excerpt from his upcoming novel release, The Somnibus.


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'Dreamscapes of the Wicked!'

Issue #26

Featuring 121 pages of short stories, flash fiction and poetry dedicated to the concept of nightmares coming to life. This issue also includes ten pieces of creature artwork by NOISTROMO; an interview with Jon Olson, author of Marrow; and an interview with Alex Woolf, author of The Remington.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Issue #25

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of our 25th issue of The Sirens Call eZine in honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month! This issue contains 146 pages of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories from an all female line-up. It also features photography by and an interview with Karen Soutar, plus a collaborative interview with multiple authors featured in this issue.

'Lost Souls'

Issue #24

Featuring 82 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, & Poetry devoted to those who are about to cross, or are lingering lost souls. Photography by Nina D'Arcangela; plus an interview with Joshua Skye, and an exerpt from his latest release - Cradle.


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Alone With Your Fear

Anthology: Horror

Isolation... not just physical, but psychological, emotional; it plays with your mind, drags out your deepest fears, makes them larger than life and far more sinister.

For this call, we’re looking for stories that pit the main character against their own greatest fear. It seems deceptively simple, but be warned - it isn't. We want the fear to be the overarching theme, so make sure your story contains a hefty dose - if we don't feel it, the readers won't either.

Perhaps the best place to write this tale is Alone with Your Fear...

Deadline: September 1, 2016

Word Count: 4,000 - 8,000 words

All submissions MUST be submitted to:

Reading & Evaluation Period: Two to three months after close of the deadline


Payment: Each story selected for inclusion will receive a one-time payment of $25US, plus a print copy of the book.

As per our standard guidelines, there will be no stories containing pedophilia, bestiality, or graphic rape accepted.

Submission Guidelines >>>


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