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Supernatural Horror!

Featuring 109 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, & Poetry of Supernatural Horror! Images by, and an interview with, artist Emilie Léger; plus an interview with Ela Lourenco discussing her latest YA Fantasy release - Dragon Born.


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Issue #21 - 'Eco-Horror'

Featuring 113 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, & Poetry of tales describing what happens when Mother Nature fights back! Images by, and an interview with, photographer Tammy Ruggles; plus an interview with K. Trap Jones, along with an excerpt from his book - One Bad Fur Day.

All Men, All Horror

Issue #20 - 'Screams in the Night'

Featuring 115 pages or poetry, short stories and flash fiction; this issue features the men of horror exclusively! With artwork and an interview by artist Glenn James, and an interview with Timothy C. Hobbs, author of 'In the Blink of a Wicked Eye', this issue is jam-packed with Screams in the Night!

The Third Annual
Women in Horror Month Edition

Issue #19 - 'Whispers in the Dark'

Featuring 125 pages of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and artwork by Women in Horror! This issue features 35 pieces of fiction, five different artists, an interview with WiHM founder, Hannah Neurotica, and an interview with writer/director/filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas!


Our Latest Novel & Novella Releases:

Gothic Revival
Author: Carson Buckingham

Author: Ela Lourenco

Dusk and Summer
Author: Joseph A. Pinto

Climate Change
Author: Daniel Durrant

The Coven
Author: Angie Gallow


Our Latest Multi-Author Anthology Releases:

FEAR: Of the Dark
Author: Multiple

Voices from the Gloom, Vol. 2
Author: Multiple

Voices from the Gloom, Vol. 1
Author: Multiple

FEAR: OF the Water
Author: Multiple

Slaughter House: The Serial Killer Edition, Vol. 3
Author: Multiple

Slaughter House: The Serial Killer Edition, Vol. 2
Author: Multiple


Our Latest Single Author Collection Releases:

In the Blink of a Wicked Eye
Author: Timothy C. Hobbs

An Aberrant Mind
Author: Ken MacGregor

Glimpses of the Undead
Author: Julianne Snow



What Dwells Below!

Anthology: Horror

For this anthology, we're going urban! We'd like you to spin us a tale of horror describing what lurks below in the city sewers. All sorts of creatures, both real and imagined, may wish to do those who live in the sunlight harm; covet their ability to exist in the brightness above; or perhaps they simply fight for domain of their own patch in the darkness!

Whatever fantastically dark tale you come up with, please do not include zombies, homeless humans, or orphaned children. We want tales of true horror - not the horror of the human condition.

So tell us, the next time we walk over a grate in a city sidewalk, or pass a manhole cover slightly ajar, what should we be terrified is watching us from below?

Deadline: January 1, 2016

Word Count: 4,000 - 8,000 words

All submissions MUST be submitted to:

Reading & Evaluation Period: Two to three months after close of the deadline


Payment: Each story selected for inclusion will receive a one-time payment of $25US

As per our standard guidelines, there will be no stories containing pedophilia, bestiality, or graphic rape accepted.

Submission Guidelines >>>


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